IMJT 2016 – Mariano Bueno, Biosalud (Anti-aging medicine)

Mariano Bueno, Founder & Managing Director of Biosalud, talks about anti-aging medicine treatments. Biosalud (European Institute of Biomedicine) is pioneer in Spain in these type of treatments.

A series of biochemical and biophysical urine and blood tests are carried out, using equipment especially designed for this purpose, to determine the biological age of the patienet, which is then compared to the chronological age. The doctor will thus determine whether the aging process is physiological or pathological therefore proceeding with the most effective personalised treatment possible.
Biosalud is an institute of biological and anti-aging medicine located in Zaragoza (Saragossa), Spain, founded in 1985. Since that time Biosalud has been promoting medicine of the future, which combines conventional and traditional treatments. The prime example of this is currently regenerative medicine using stem cells.

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