General Check-Up

Our Day Hospital offers you two medical check-ups for healthy people, as a preventive medicine, to dismiss pathological processes that we can detect in an initial phase, before they produce symptoms. It is recommended to do a medical check-up each year or each two years, for a personalized healthy way of life, following the genetic and circumstances of each one. In case if you are already feel some symptoms, it is necessary to consult our medical director to confirm other tests you need. These check-ups are not designed to diagnose specific diseases. They are preventive, for an healthy aging process. Are not diagnostic check-ups

This preventive checkup is based on Integrative Medicine. A screening of health parameters and biomarkers is carried out to determine, in general terms, the health condition of our organism from a structural, functional, biochemical and biophysical perspective. It is far more complete than checkups carried out by conventional medicine, as these only analize the organism in terms of fundamental biochemical factors and the respiratory and heart functions, not taking into account the examination of toxicity due to heavy metals and toxic chemical products, which have become one of the most common causes for the developement of chronic and autoimmune diseases.

This checkup is carried out to determine our real condition and to detect “dysfunctions” and alterations before the illness appears, so that a solution is found, thus maintaining an optimal health condition thanks to Preventive and Predictive Medicine.

If you want to know how is your inner milieu, if each organ is working in a right way, if you have any evident risk of disease, this is the way.

Biosalud Check-Up includes following parameters:
> General blood analysis
> Check-up of function activity of thyroid, kidneys, adrenal gland, liver, lungs and the immune system
> Check-up of nutrients in the bloodstream: minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids
> Sexual hormones
> Evidence of inflammatory activity in the organism
> Body composition (proportions between muscle-fat-water etc.)
> Acid-base balance
> Oxidative stress and antioxidant power
> Tumor markers for men or women
> Genetic analysis to detect your daily needs of nutrients
> Genetic and acquired food intolerances
> Investigation of the intestinal flora, permeability and gut infection processes (bacteria, parasites, fungi)
> Functional blockages of different organs
> Heavy metals and chemical substances toxicity

The price of the General Medical Health check-up is in total: 3.971€
The price includes the explanation of the results but not the personal customized treatment.

Our intestine and its microbiome are part of 80% of our defensive system. Today, it can be confirmed that a high percentage of today’s illnesses begin in our intestine. For this reason, we have included, in this case, a detailed study of intestinal health, nutritional metabolic alterations that may cause damage to it, to rule out dental problems that may cause problems to the different organs and systems, and, finally, to determine our accurate biological age, all of which serve as a starting point to establish preventive measures so as to achieve a healthy aging process and maintain an optimal health condition.

Beside the included parameters in the BIOSALUD CHECK-UP, we include too:
> Melatonin and Neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin and the rest of the catecholamines)
> Deeper intestinal investigation (inflammatory enzymes, IgAs, short chain fatty acids , markers of intestinal health, ….)
> Metabolic problems with gluten and casein
> Dental focus
> Determination of your biological age by measuring the telomeres.

The price of the Biosalud Check-up Plus is: 5.854€
The price includes the explanation of the results but not the personal customized treatment.