Who we are

Biosalud Day Hospital is a medical centre that specialises in integrative and regenerative medicine and bases its treatments on a holistic view of individuals, combining the most ancient ancestral knowledge and the latest developments in medical science.

As a result of the experience and degree of specialisation of Dr. Mariano Bueno, at Biosalud Day Hospital we have been able to create our own method of diagnosis and treatment that draws on a team of experienced professionals and the most advanced medical technology and equipment.

This allows us to create treatments that are customised and highly effective. Every body and every life is different.

Integrative medicine brings together the advantages of conventional medicine and those of biological medicine, which seeks out the causes of imbalances to stimulate and regulate the immune system and ensure that people enjoy the best health and well-being possible.

Furthermore, at Biosalud we are pioneers in the application of regenerative medicine, an area of cell therapy being developed and which draws on medical strategies to repair or restore organs, tissue and cells that are damaged, ill or metabolically deficient.

The aim of biological medicine is to cure or relieve illnesses in a holistic sense, eliminating the external factors that have given rise to the illness in each case and regulating and stimulating the immune system to extend our lives and improve the quality of this extra time in a customised manner, enabling us to age in a healthy manner to the extent genetically possible.

At Biosalud, we have developed a method of treatment that we provide in various stages:

  1. Prior questionnaire and in-depth interview.
  2. Diagnostic tests and the detection of interfering focuses.
  3. The detoxification and restoration of systems that regulate the organism.
  4. Intestinal cleansing.
  5. The strengthening, regulation and reactivation of the immune system.
  6. The regeneration and reconstruction of cells in affected tissue.
  7. Maintaining health and healthy ageing.