Darkfield microscopy
High-resolution thermography
TelomCheck ®
FoodInt ®
FoodGen ®
HeavyMetalsCheck ®
CandiTest ®
KoproCheck ®
GutCheck ®
Ford ® and Fort ®
LymeCheck ®
Toxic ChemicalCheck ®
AminoacidsCheck ®
CancerTest ®
InmunoCheck ®
Gluten / Casein Neuropeptides ®
BioScan ®
BioCheck ®
BioAging ®
FitGEN ®
ObesityGEN ®

Total corporal hyperthermia
Deep local hyperthermia
Therapeutic apheresis
Bioregulation therapy
Cell therapy with intervention
Stem cell therapy
Advanced therapies
Dendritic cell vaccines (cancer)
Regulator T lymphocyte vaccines
Orthomolecular infusion
Organic-cellular biostimulation therapy

Biosalud Day Hospital Home Analysis.

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