Our Patients

We want to help our patients live better and longer .

At Biosalud Day Hospital we are committed to our patients. We want them to know what we are doing to take care of their health at all stages of their treatment, and the contribution being made by integrative medicine.

For that reason, from the start of the treatment we inform them of the steps involved and share with them our vision of the doctor-patient relationship, and of their holistic treatment. We document that relationship with informed consent and acceptance from the patient with each step in the treatment.

To enable patients from around the world and their companions to stay with us, the Medical Travel service offers a travel and health experience.

The organisation of transport and the design of the accommodation plan, taking into account the treatment required and the concerns and needs of the patient.

Coordination with medical professional for the patient, both before the treatment and upon their return once their treatment has ended.


Facilities and personnel suited to the culture and customs of patients.

We design itineraries for non-health activities: cultural, sports or religious tourism, nature tourism, gastronomy and shopping.