Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine endeavours to reduce the negative effects of our lifestyle and stress on our health. Stress is a situation of tension caused by problems in our lives, work or health. Science has confirmed that this can affect both our mental and physical well-being. At the Biosalud Day Hospital, we work to minimise the adverse effects of stress and difficult lives. Lifestyle and environmental factors, a demanding job market and pressure can significantly affect our health and be a trigger for diseases. Moreover, they may impact our quality of life, work performance and state of mind.

Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine counteracts these adverse effects and is recommended for those who already feel well but want to improve their quality of life, prevent diseases and reduce the harmful effects of stress and toxicity on the body which are caused by our habits and environmental factors.

At the Biosalud Day Hospital, we analyse Bio-indicators that measure both pathological and physiological states as well as develop personalised treatments; negative factors affect everyone in different ways. A predisposition to the influence of these factors and the likelihood of diseases is greater, depending on the existence of previous problems. The maximum performance of an individual, according to their genetics, on all levels, be it physical or psychological is researched by our laboratory. It has been observed that the greater the effect of external factors, the higher the level of toxicity is in our bodies. This increased level of toxicity, in turn, affects the immune system, causing diseases due to an excess of activity (allergies) or through its absence – cancer. This toxicity derives from pollution, poor environment, diet, and pesticides.

Furthermore, the effects of stress may detrimentally impact on our health. It has been proven that constant stress accelerates the ageing process, as it causes telomeres to shorten at an accelerated pace. As telomeres, the chromosomal component associated with the cellular ageing, shorten they may cause a higher risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Studies on the effects of stress indicate that excessive levels contribute to the emergence of heart disease, the weakening of the immune system, or cause milder conditions such as skin allergies.

The Biosalud Day Hospital is fully aware of these adverse effects and tirelessly works to prevent and recover its patient’s physical deterioration. Its Medical Wellness Program of Integrative Medicine actively promotes physical well-being and quality of life, resulting in a comprehensive medical ‘tune-up’ for patients, particularly those who belong to the Executive and Anti-Stress programs, both of which help to reduce physical and psychological fatigue, as well as illness.

The cellular ageing process and, therefore that of our body, may be advanced as the progressive shortening of telomeres accelerates.   Scientific studies confirm that when our bodies are exposed to chronic stress, effects are found that that counteract normal ageing effects and cause telomeres to appear to be those of an older adult. On the other hand, studies of disorders related to deregulated emotional responses, especially depression, demonstrate that participants who have never experienced said disorders, show shorter telomeres.


Elissa Epel, Elizabeth Blackburn M.D. researcher co-worker (Ph.D., winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2009 for her research on telomeres) has studied this field for over a decade at California University, San Francisco, where she runs the Ageing, Metabolism and Emotion Centre. In her study “Do stress and depression accelerate the aging of cells?” She proved that “chronic exposure to certain interconnected biochemical pathways mediating in depression related to stress can contribute to accelerated ageing or cell damage and some comorbid diseases.”

Autoimmune diseases have also been related to stress. For example, a study published in the “European Journal of Immunology” has confirmed the relationship between chronic stress and diseases caused by the immune system. This research has been tested using mice exposed to high-stress situations. Skin also suffers from an accelerated lifestyle resulting in skin allergies such as nervous dermatitis. This kind of illness can be difficult to diagnose as its origin cannot be found in an allergen. Consequently, an investigation into a patient’s history is necessary. For example, unresolved family conflicts, tension at work, emotional or material losses can produce skin allergies as they alter the nervous system. A situation of high psychological stress can exacerbate skin allergies, as a study at Temple University shows. Bio-indicators such as pH, cell oxidation or energy production are specifically affected by stress.

Health Recovery Biosalud Day Hospital Programs

The Biosalud Day Hospital has several programs aimed at reducing the negative effects of a bad diet, and lack of sleep caused by lifestyle, work or stress.

The Executive Program has been specially designed for those people with a very demanding lifestyle (stress, poor diet) and those with functional problems (such as memory problems) derived from stress and who want to reduce internal damage. The aim of the treatment is to harmonise/co-ordinate mind/body to adapt to the effectiveness and efficiency of daily routines. In this way, overexertion is compensated for and its adverse effects eliminated.

First, we carry out some diagnostic tests (Bioscan, Biocheck, Ford, Fort) in order to apply personalised therapy such as Mattech, specific and personalized Orthomolecular Serum therapy, organic-cellular Bio-stimulation therapy, suprarenal meso-stimulation, photon-therapy. In addition, nutritional coaching sessions are provided.

The Anti-Stress Program involves treatment to reduce stress and psychological fatigue for those patients who are tired due to excessive activity and who are unable to change their habits, with the aim of helping them to avoid an overwhelming situation.

The Anti-stress Program diagnostic tests are: Bioscan, Biocheck, Ford, Fort.

The therapeutic techniques used are: Mattech, Specific and personalised Orthomolecular Serum-therapy, electromagnetic Biofeedback therapy, Organic-cellular Bio-stimulation therapy, suprarenal meso-stimulation, photon-therapy.



With regard to this program it is important to mention:

Mattech or Bio-energetic tests are specific diagnosis systems of Biological Medicine used to evaluate Biophysical parameters which instantly show the biological and functional state of the organs and anatomical parts of the body. This type of test also serves to verify the efficiency of any treatment and, of course, to carry out authentic scientific preventive medicine.

FORT is the cellular oxidation measurement.

FORD measures the antioxidant capacity.

Stress is something that, sooner or later, will affect our health, but undoubtedly we can take care of it ourselves. Starting our Anti-Stress Program or Anti-Stress Plus will allow you to prevent, anticipate and overcome the harmful effects of stress.

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